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Zuniga Law, P.A., opened its doors with the intention of providing legal support to individuals when they most need it. We help clients who have become immersed in debt and now face unwelcome consequences — the repossession of assets, the foreclosure of homes and the garnishment of paychecks. Our firm understands that such situations can quickly become overwhelming, and we work hard to find favorable resolutions for our clients.

Eliminating Your Debt

For many, declaring bankruptcy is the most effective way to eliminate debt. Yet this is not the case for all. We help our clients understand what other options might be available and provide experienced guidance on a wide range of debt-related considerations, including:

  • Foreclosure If your house is threatened with foreclosure, there are means to save it. Zuniga Law, P.A., has extensive experience intervening and negotiating with banks and helping clients stay in their homes.
  • Debt restructuring Many individuals accumulate debt simply by trying to lead a typical life. Yet hospital bills and student debt can damage one's finances in the long term. Our firm works with all manner of creditors banks, hospitals, credit card companies and the IRS — to reduce what our clients owe.
  • Bankruptcy Increasingly, individuals in South Florida have turned to bankruptcy as a means to eliminate their debt while keeping their most important assets. We are skilled in helping clients file for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Our firm is also deeply committed to the immigrant communities in and around Boca Raton. We have developed a core competency in immigration law and help individuals and their families in all manner of immigration and naturalization concerns.

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We offer free initial consultations, allowing us to assess your case without obligating you to retain our services.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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