Debts Accumulate Quickly

The recent economic climate put many individuals at a financial disadvantage. The cost of living in many places is high, and it is common to take on a great deal of debt just to get by. Medical fees, college tuition, a home mortgage and business loans — one's bills add up quickly and, just as quickly, become unmanageable.

The consequences can be dire. In their efforts to collect their due, creditors come calling. They can have your bank accounts frozen, garnish your wages, repossess your assets or threaten your home with foreclosure. Many fear they will never stop paying off their debts.

The mission of Zuniga Law, P.A., is to assist such individuals as they endeavor to chart a path forward. For many, declaring bankruptcy is a viable means to start anew. But it is by no means the only option — nor is it always the best option. Based in Boca Raton and serving throughout South Florida, Javier Zuniga has more than 15 years helping distressed consumers find the most appropriate means to eliminate their debts while still keeping their assets.

Relief From A Wide Range Of Creditors

Our firm is skilled in a full spectrum of debt relief matters. We have negotiated favorable settlements with a variety of creditors, including:

  • Credit card companies
  • Collection agencies
  • The IRS
  • State taxing authorities
  • Hospitals
  • Law firms
  • Banks

We are adept at reducing and eliminating wage garnishment. We are skilled in working with mortgage lenders to modify loans, allowing our clients to keep their homes and automobiles. Drawing on our experience, we understand what creditors want when they approach the negotiating table, and we leverage this understanding to benefit our clients.

An Attorney Familiar With Debt Relief Strategies

If you would like to speak about your situation with a lawyer, reach out to Zuniga Law, P.A. You can call our office at 561-544-7339 or arrange an appointment through our online form. Initial consultations are always free.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.