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January 2017 Archives

Post-holiday review may reveal the need for bankruptcy relief

Some people are still trying to recover from the increased holiday spending that occurs each year. This year there are reports indicating that many consumers are over-using their credit cards to survive. In Florida and elsewhere, that may be a sign for some that they will need to seek debt relief, even bankruptcy in some cases.

Bankruptcy may be a blessing in disguise for some consumers

Florida residents and others may find decisive benefits from filing a consumer bankruptcy when the circumstances justify and warrant it. Such a strategy for survival may be fraught with adversity, but in the end, it can be a great tool for financial enlightenment and future success.  Although the road will entail difficulties, bankruptcy is described by some as a learning tool that can bring the individual down to reality about his or her financial affairs and how to organize them for success.  

Florida students may wish to consider bankruptcy for loan debt

The idea of going to school, gaining a desired job and achieving financial success is one that many Florida residents hold. Unfortunately, many students who attempt to follow such a path often find themselves burdened by student loan debt. However, there is a possibility that bankruptcy may be able to help some individuals alleviate that burden.

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