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July 2017 Archives

Retirement funds are protected from the bankruptcy estate

Many consumers in Florida and elsewhere find it difficult to consider filing for bankruptcy relief. Most who face the issue are hard-working persons who are used to paying for their debts in a timely manner. The hard facts, however, do sometimes dictate that the strongest remedy be employed for the sake of economic survival of oneself and one's family. When compared with other remedies, there is no doubt that the bankruptcy alternative is the most effective way for those who have overwhelming debt to obtain a fresh start.

Bankruptcy is the best solution in many consumer debt scenarios

In Florida and nationwide, our economy and other factors continue to draw many consumers to the point of facing uncontrollable debt. While services such as debt consolidation companies and second mortgage lenders may appear to be life-saving alternatives to get out of debt, they represent the depletion of a consumer's income and/or the spending down of one's assets. It is often discovered, after a period of painful failures in trying other remedies, that a personal consumer bankruptcy represents the best choice for getting a fresh start with a clean slate.

Bankruptcy may be the most effective remedy for runaway debt

Many Florida residents turn away from confronting their debt problems, thinking that things will get better and normalized at some time in the future. That technique of procrastination never works out, but it does usually allow the debt problems to fester and get even deeper until the next month rolls around. That avoidance response may bring an individual or married couple to the inevitable conclusion some months into the future that bankruptcy is the strongest remedy for economic survival and to get a fresh start.

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