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November 2017 Archives

Bankruptcy can save the peace of mind of many elderly persons

There are reasons why many older people have been filing for bankruptcy relief in Florida and in other states. It easy to see that it has become much more difficult to survive on a Social Security check. For many, working that extra job to supplement the monthly stipend from the government becomes less and less feasible the older they get. And for others, the financial pressure may boil over and call for filing a bankruptcy to get a fresh start.

Debt restructuring may help consumers resolve their debt loads

Debt management and restructuring programs are available in Florida and for those who reside elsewhere. There are a variety of programs designed to manage and pay one's unsecured debt that has built up to unmanageable proportions. Debt restructuring and management methods are not always successful, however, and if one's debt load has reached a certain point of no return, it may be necessary to file bankruptcy as the option of choice.

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